About me Ė John Hudson

My nameís John. Iím married to Rebekah and we have four children: Hannah (9), David (7), Abigail (5) and Esther (3). I was raised as an atheist, and it was only when I got to university that I met some Christians who challenged my worldview.

By the age of 19, I had figured out that people only do things when thereís something in it for them, but the Christians that I met at university seemed to love others when there wasnít anything in it for them, and so I kept going to their gatherings to try and figure out why.

At their mid-year conference, I was converted by sermons on Leviticus, which demonstrated that I had to come to God on his terms rather than my own. I realised that all of the arguments that I had against God were really arguments against a straw-god of my own imagination. And so, being confronted with the God who has revealed himself in history, I became a Christian on the 11th of July 2001.

I got involved with my university ministry, where I met my (now) wife. And after reflecting on the gospel, we realised that we could spend our lives working for things that will eventually pass away, or invest our lives in Godís kingdom which lasts for all eternity. Thus began our journey into Christian ministry.

Iím currently finishing a PhD on the compatiblism between Godís sovereignty and free-will (with implications for the free-will defence against the problem of evil), drawing out the logical coherence between Godís sovereignty and human responsibility in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the writings of Augustine, and the writings of Calvin.

To contact me, or if you have a question/objection to Christianity, email me at john@faithbasedonevidence.com

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